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About me

    The visual arts have always interested me. There is something special about moulding a concept into something brand new. Some days you need to work extra hard to find it, other days it comes naturally. But I think it is fair to say there are not too many dull moments.

    As a cinematographer there are many things you need to consider. First of all you need to listen and understand what the heart of the story is.  Then through the careful use of light, symmetry, framing, action and colour, you set to work crafting that story. Teamwork and collaboration with all of those involved is just as important.

    The medium is always changing and it’s important to adapt quickly and problem solve even quicker. There are challenges that need attention and questions that need answers. It’s a constant balance of capturing the key moment and the practicality of getting there.

    I believe it is important to pursue things that give us joy and this highly visual form of storytelling, is one of those things for me. The story behind the visuals is so important and in whichever capacity, my job is to help realize that story.


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